Monetize Blog With Amazon Ads Full Guide in 2021

In this article, we will learn how to Monetize Blog with Amazon Ads. So please, you must read this article completely. If you also want to earn online with the help of your blog, you want to earn money, definitely read this article. I will give you all the information about how you can make money using your blog website using Amazon.

As friends, you will know that Diwali is going to happen, so because of this it will run on Amazon and Flipkart. So because of this a lot of people are going to buy different products and content, so if you put Amazon’s advertisement on your website, then you will be able to earn a lot of money, then you must read this article carefully. I will give information about how you can do this work.

How You Earn From Amazon Ads

As friends you will know the name of every little child in India. Amazon is an online product selling website or e-commerce website. Where you will get to see different types of products, people come and buy these products. So Amazon has put a scheme here to increase its customers. That if a person adds some new people to their website and gets the product sold.

So in that case the man will get commission according to the category of that product. So if you put these products as advertising on your blog. All the traffic that comes to your website is according to the ranking of that category and if users click on that ad and buy any product. So in this way Amazon will give you commission. And this is what we call Affiliate Marketing.

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In this way you can start making money using Amazon and Flipkart, below my blog, I will tell you how you can do this work.

Join Amazon Affiliate

Friends Before placing’s advertisement on your website, you will have to create an Affiliate Account by visiting Amazon’s website. Whatever your earnings will be in this account, everything will be told to you, how many sales you have drawn. How much money you have received on each cell, everything will be shown in your account.

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And how will you get this money in your bank, you will get that information in this account, you will be able to do this work only through this account. Creating Amazon’s Affiliate Account is very simple, if you do not know, you will find our YouTube video below, you can learn by watching it.

How to Place Amazon Ads On Blog?

Let me know friends, let me tell you how to Monetize Blog with Amazon Ads. If you want to advertise on Flipkart advertising on your blog. So for this you have nothing to do, whatever product you want to list on your blog, you have to open this product.

 As soon as you open this product, you will see your Amazon Affiliate account once in the top navigation, in which you will get three options. In the first option, you will get an affiliate link of the product you have, in the second option you will be given a banner that you can direct plus in your website. In the third option, you will get some text along with the banner and the value of the product is also written, if it is also a banner, then you can direct it on your website.

When people click on these ads and buy any content from Amazon, you will get commission from there and you can start earning in this way with the help of your blog..


In this article I told you how to monetize blog with Amazon Ads. If you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends. If you have not understood any kind of line or you, then you can contact us through the comment below, we will definitely help you, we will meet you in another new article till then Jai Hind.

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